Hayden Rowe Scent List

29 High Street - LUSH dupe

7up Pound Cake - Warm dense cake, almond, lemon, lime, vanilla and sugar

90’s Boyfriend Sweater: Shorts and Sweater with My 90’s Boyfriend (Cool Waters)

Absolutely Fabulous Cake: Rich white cake, shredded coconut, sweet vanilla and white chocolate

Acai – Sweet tropical berries

Africa: Exotic wood, dry air, musk, smoke. An incense type of scent

Almond Joy- Intense Almond fragrance balanced by a fusion of rich coconut cream and kissed by a hint of chocolate

Almond Macaroon : Warm Cookie, Toasted Almond, Vanilla Bean, Butter, Orange Zest

Aloha: Sweet Coconut, Island Fruits, Tropical Flowers

Amazing Grace Type: (Philosophy Type) Italian Bergamot, Sparkling Lemon, Citron, Jasmine, Rose, Musk, Cedarwood

Ambra de Nepal Type : (Profumo de Firenze Type) Amber, Cardamom, Sweet Madagascar Vanilla

American Cream – LUSH dupe

Amish Country: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Clove, Allspice, Nutmeg with a hint of Sugar. Bakery spices without the bakery notes

Amish Sweater : Warm, Clean blend of Amish Country with our own Shorts & Sweater

Apple Barn - Crisp apple, cider spice, honey, vanilla with a hint of caramel

Apple Blossom Cotton Candy- Delicate Apple Blossom floats on a cloud of sweet cotton candy

Apple Brandy Cake - Sweet apple brandy and buttery vanilla cake

Apple Harvest: Apple, Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, Vanilla

Apple Mango Tango - (Gain Type) Tropical blend of sweet floral and exotic fruits infused with a woodsy, musky base

Apple Pie: Warm Apple Pie filling with a perfect, buttery Crust

Apples and Oranges - Sweet Satsuma Orange (Body Shop Type) with crisp candy apple.

Apricot Chamomile – The mild aroma of chamomile with the tangy scent of fresh apricots

Apricot Rose – Warm apricot nectar with delicate rose petals

Aspen : Aspen Winter Type. Citrus, Vanilla, Warm Spices, Musk

Autumn Apple – Ripe apples with just a touch of spice

Autumn Leaves: Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Pine Needles, Freshly Fallen Leaves

Autumn Pear: Juicy Pear, Lychee, Honey, hints of Holiday Spice

Autumn Woods: Patchouli, Citrus, Blackberry, Carnation, Muget, Pine, Cedar

Autumn Wreath - Pear, Apple, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Cedar, Musk, Woods, Autumn Leaves

Aveda Shampure: Herbal blend of Coriander, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang

Avobath : LUSH Dupe Lemongrass and citrus

Awapuhi Sea Berry - Awapuhi, sea spray, melon, berries, vanilla, light florals, musk

Baby Baby: Our house blend of Baby Powder

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown: Lord of Misrule Type

Bahama Mama- Pineapple, red berries, passion fruit, guava, mango and acai

Baies de Cassis - Bulgarian rose and black currants with black currant leaf

Balsam and Cedar - Fresh blend of balsam, cedarwood, and juniper berry. YC type

Banana Cream Pie: Banana, vanilla, pie crust, butter

Banana Nut Bread: Sweet Banana Bread with Walnuts, Pecans and Vanilla

Banana Pudding: Creamy banana pudding scent

Bandshell - Churro with cinnamon sugar and creamy vanilla caramel drizzle

Barber’s Hot Towel - Shaving Cream, Ozone, Cotton, Amber, Musk, Baby Powder

Barbershop 1920’s: Shaving Cream with notes of amber, bay rum and musk

Beach Bum : Bobbi Brown Beach Type. Suntan Lotion, Bergamot, Fresh Air, Sand, Gardenia, Jasmine, Musk

Beach Daisies: Fresh Spring Flowers, Dune Grass and warm Sand

Beach Garden : Ozone aquatic notes blended with soft floral highlights, Fresh summer air blowing through an oceanfront garden

Beach Glass - Salty sea air blended with light florals and musk

Beach House : Clean notes of the sea and salt air combine with light floral and amber notes like an ocean breeze blowing in over a seaside garden

Beach Linen : Clothing dried on a line in the ocean breeze. Fresh and airy

Beach Nights : Salty sea air and Marshmallow s'mores

Beach Pine: Returning Favorite! Dry, sun bleached Driftwood, warm Sand and beachy Scrub Pine

Beach Towels: Sunny salty laundry goodness. Ozone, sea spray, laundry

Bear Claws - Flaky pastry with chocolate, honey, almonds, raisins and powdered sugar

Beautiful Morning - Lime, orange, sea air, light florals, sandalwood, amber

Belgian Spa : Badedas Type, Leafy Greens, Florals, Basil, Citrus, Amber, Musk

Bermuda Sands – Bright Citrus, Sweet Florals and a clean Ocean Scent

Bermuda Shorts - Shorts and Sweater mixed with melons, citrus and watermelon.

Bermuda Triangle - Citrus, Melon, Pineapple

Berry Mousse : Rich vanilla whipped cream base with sweet wild berries

Big Ben - This fresh and earthy blend features Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and zesty green citrus blended with our own Pressed Linen Lemon Laundry scent. Clean and sexy!

Birch Beer - Crisp herbal soda similar to Root Beer but less creamy. A Hayden Rowe original

Birch Beer: Sassafras, Effervescence, Vanilla, Citrus.

Black and Blue : All the berries of summer come together in this bright, sweet blend

Black Currant Absinthe : Apple Blossoms, Saffron, Black Currants, Blackberries, Vanilla Orchid, Star Anise, Amber

Black Flip Flops - Tropical vanilla blended with the Yankee Black Coconut type. Smooth and tropical!

Black Linen – Cotton and rain with white blossoms and amber

Black Orchid - This popular Tom Ford scent is a modern take on the orchid. Ginger, Black Pepper, Orchid, Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla, Musk

Black Raspberry Coconut- Black Raspberry Vanilla blended with Coconut Cream

Black Raspberry Vanilla : Bright blackberries with mellow, natural vanilla

Black Sea Barber : A Hayden Rowe classic blend! Salty oceanic accords, amber, vanilla and our Barbershop 1920’s shaving cream combine to create a uniquely sexy masculine blend!

Black Velvet - Notes of Sicilian Lemon, Bergamot and french lavender balanced with tonka bean, amber noir, sandalwood and musk. Sexy!

Blackberry – Juicy tart blackberries

Blackberry Ginger Ale - Fresh picked blackberries and crisp, fizzy ginger ale. Fruity and refreshing!

Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies - Sweet blackberry jam and warm butter cookies

Blackberry Lime- Ripe, Sweet backberries with juicy, tangy lime

Blitzen: Clean! Clean! Clean! Like fresh summer air with Citrus, Anise, Jasmine, Musk and Cedarwood

Blonde Moment – Champagne with raspberry, tart cranberry and slight grape notes.

Blood Orange – True to life orange scent 

Blue Agave – Kaffir lime, citrus, apple, oakmoss, white woods

Blue Cotton Candy : Carnival favorite with slight blue raspberry notes

Blue Raspberry Slush : Candy raspberry like blue raspberry snow cone

Blue Raspberry Zotz: Sweet Blue Raspberry Slush with an effervescent kick

Blue Raspberry- Candy raspberry like blue raspberry snow cone

Blue Skies - This fresh, clean scent is sure to become a classic. Notes of citrus, anise, jasmine, lavandin, warm musk and cedarwood come together in a scent that our laundry fans will love.

Blue Spruce : Cypress, Moss, Spruce, Pine, Cedar

Blue Sugar : Caramelized sugar, woodsy cedar, tonka bean, patchouli and other aromatics

Blue Sugar Vanilla Sandalwood - Caramelized sugar, Tonka bean, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Blueberry – Sweet fresh blueberries

Blueberry Cheesecake: Baked creamy cheesecake topped with sweet blueberry

Blueberry Lemon Fizz: Sweet Blueberries, Icy lemon and just the right amount of effervescence come together in this sweet, happy blend

Blueberry Muffin: Sweet, blueberry bakery goodness

Blush – Sweet florals, fresh air, cotton blossoms, fruit and florals

Boardwalk Bliss - Saltwater Taffy, Fizzy Pop, Cotton Candy

Bonfire Bliss : Charred Wood, Smoky Sandalwood, Roasted Marshmallow, Brown Sugar, Vanilla- Not heavy on the smoke!

Boo Berry Cereal- Candy sweet blueberry cereal

Books Abound - The fragrance of a library filled with first editions! Italian Bergamot, Cashmere, Patchouli, Vetiver, Cedar, Musk, Old Leather 

Bookstore : The fragrance of a library filled with first editions! Italian Bergamot, Cashmere, Patchouli, Vetiver, Cedar, Musk, Old Leather

Bookworm - The Scent of old books. Teak, Cedar, Leather, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk

Bora Bora : Mango, Pineapple, Acai, Tropical fruits

Boston Strong: Leather, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Sandalwood, Earl Grey Tea.

Boston Tea Party: Lemon, Tea Leaves, Orange Scented Tea Cakes.

Boudoir : (Pink Chiffon & Pressed Linen) Exotic fruits, Vanilla Orchid, Lemon, Linen, Vanilla, Chiffon Musk

Boyfriend Jeans: Warm Cotton, Citrus, Clean Air, Violet, Jasmine, Musk, Amber

Brady Bunch : Bright, bubbly and fun just like our childhood favorite show that debuted at the end of the Summer of 1969! Effervescent Fizzy Soda, Orange Satsuma and Strawberry Passion are a blend you won’t soon forget

Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Cupcakes at Tiffany’s with Espresso

Breakfast In Bed- Strong Tea and Orange Cake blend

Breakfast of Champions - Delicious cereal blend of Cap’n Crunch, Booberry Cereal and Fruit Loops

Brimstone - Vanilla, Palo Santo, exotic woods, dry air, musk, hint of smoke

British Barber : Shaving Cream mixed with sage, crisp lemon and sparkling lime

Bubble Gum : Sugary chewing gum

Bubbling Volcano: Tropical Fruits, Sugared Citrus, Violet, Sweet Japanese Quince, Cassis, Pomelo, Driftwood, Mountain Greens and Fizzy Pop

Burberry British Type – Citrus, Oud, Amber, Sandalwood and White Musks

Butter Pecan Ice Cream – Creamy vanilla ice cream with butter pecan swirl- A Hayden Rowe original

Butterbeer – Just as you’d imagine the famous drink to smell. ‘a little bit like less- sickly butterscotch’ but without the fizz.

Butterbrickle: Vanilla, Almond, Caramelized Sugar

Buttercream Frosted Cupcake – Sweet vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting

Buttered Maple Syrup: Sweet creamery Butter, Rich Maple Syrup, Warm Vanilla

Buttered Popcorn – Freshly popped popcorn with movie theatre butter topping

Buttermint Candy : Buttery mint scent just like buttermint candies

Buttermint Cotton Candy Frosting : Sweet, creamy and minty

Buttermint Vixen: Buttermint Candy, Vanilla Sponge Cake with whipped filling

Bye Bye Summer - Crisp autumn air, warm sunlight, burning leaves

Cabana - Like a warm day at the beach. Bergamot, winter apple, sparkling citrus, violet petals, warm cotton and sea salt.

Cactus Sea Salt - Fresh green cactus, ozone, sea salt

Café Latte - Rich coffee, Caramel and slight hints of autumn spice

Cake Bake – Almond cake with butter

Calacas – LUSH dupe

Call Me Maybe - Bergamot, Rosewood, Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk HR original cologne scent 

Campfire: Burning Hardwood, just like campfire smoke

Candy Apple : Juicy apple covered with a sticky red candy coating

Candy Cane - Classic peppermint scent

Candy Cane Cupcakes - Sweet Vanilla and peppermint cupcakes

Candy Cane Fluff - Candy canes blended with marshmallows

Candy Corn : Just like your favorite Halloween Candy!

Candy Crush - Tropical fruity Candy with sugar crystals

Candy Shop : Fizzy Pop and sweet fruity candy

Cape Cod Cranberry: Pure, Tart, Red Cranberies, Mild Sugar notes.

Caramel Cake - Creamy Caramel and yellow cake

Caramelized Pralines : Buttery and sweet nutty treats

Carnival : Sweet Candy apple, Salted Caramel and waffle cone. A Hayden Rowe original

Carrot Cake – Spicy sweet carrot cake bakery scent

Cashmere Woods : Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Amber, Sandalwood, Patchouli

Cashmere: Blooming Peonies, Rose and the silky sensuality of pure cashmere. Extravagant!

Cedar Closet : Blending our own clean laundry fragrance Shorts and Sweater with the rich wood tones of Cedar, Rosewood, Bergamot, Black Pepper and Ginger. Like a favorite sweater stored in your cedar closet.

Celebrate Type: (Lush Type) Zesty Lime, Cognac, Orange

Celestial : White Tea, Yuzu, Aloe and Lemon come together in a blend you’ll want to wear all day. A perfectly breezy and sexy scent based upon Christina’s own favorite perfume of all time Parfums 06130 Yuzu Rouge

Champagne and Roses – Champagne with red roses

Champagne and Strawberries - Slightly Fizzy fruity champagne with sweet strawberries

Champagne- Fruity, Floral highlights of your favorite wine without the strong fizz

Chardonnay – White wine scent with notes of peach and berries

Cherry Bomb – Extremely strong Cherry syrup scent. 

Cherry Slushie : Bright cherry syrup scent less intense than Cherry Crush

Chiffon Sheets - Citrus, fresh air, cotton blossoms, fruit and florals

Chill Pill : Sweet lavender, warm vanilla with gentle hints of mint

Chilled Sangria - Sweet and fruity with notes of Cantaloupe, Spun Sugar, Orange Zest, Lime, Watermelon and Raspberry balanced with warm undertones of vanilla and fruit musk.

China Rain - Fresh rain, light florals, sandalwood, vanilla

Chocolate Bunny : A Blend of Cocoa and rich White Chocolate

Chocolate Pudding – Creamy bittersweet chocolate 

Christmas Cabin : Bayberries, Cranberry, Cinnamon Bark, Orange Zest

Christmas Clouds: Returning Favorite! Vanilla Bean Noel and White Clouds clean laundry scent

Christmas Eve : Warm holiday spice mingled with the scent of the Christmas tree blended with the subtle smokey scent of a wood burning fire

Christmas Stroll - Loaded with cranberries and orange zest, eucalyptus, clove, amber, bergamot and sheer woods. This fragrance is a crisp fresh holiday scent that you'll reach for all year long!

Christmas Sweater: Citrus, Winter Apple, Vanilla Bean Noel, Violet, Warm Cotton

Christmas Tree : Pine, Lime, Cardamom, Pepper, Scotch Pine

Cider Donut: Baking cake Donuts with notes of Apple, Rum, Ginger, Clove, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Nutmeg and Butter

Cider Lane Type: Apple Cider and Warm Caramel

Cinnamon Buns : Cinnamon, Clove, Butter, Sugar, Vanilla, Cream

Citrus Explosion : Blood Orange, Fresh Squeezed OJ, Lime with a hint of fizz

Citrus Odor Eliminator - Lemon, ozone, linen, florals, musk (Fresh linen type)

Citrus Party : Oranges, Limes, Lemons, Grapefruit peels and all

Clean Cotton- Sun dried cotton with hints of fresh air and sunshine

Clean Crisp White –  Votivo laundry type

Clean Type - Fresh air, citrus, exotic floral notes, sandalwood, musk

Clothespins: Fresh clean laundry dried by a summer breeze and bright sunshine

Club Med - Citrus, cedar, light florals, clean laundry, green herbs

Coach Monica - Stainless Steel & Tranquility. Citrus, powder, light florals, ozone, amber, moss, tonka, musk

Cocoa Vixen: Rich Cocoa Powder, Vanilla Sponge Cake with whipped filling

Coconut : Fresh shaved coconut

Coconut Cake : Vanilla cake, fresh coconut, whipped cream. A Hayden Rowe original

Coconut Coast : Coconut milk, Tangelo, Pineapple, Island Air, Vanilla, Musk

Coconut Cream : more of a dessert scent than the original ‘from the tree’ coconut

Coconut Leaves - BBW Coconut Leaves Type. Tropical tangerine, papaya, jasmine, coconut, vanilla

Coconut Lemongrass: Sweet, Young Coconut with fresh, green Lemongrass and Bergamot

Coconut Lime : Zesty Lime, Creamy Coconut

Coconut Sorbet - Pure coconut milk with a hint of caramelized sugar

Coffee – straight coffee goodness

Coffee Ice Cream : A Hayden Rowe house blend! Rich Coffee, Coffee Liquor, Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream

Cohiba : You asked for this to come back and here it is! Sweet cuban tobacco and light pipe smoke mingle in this sensual tobacco blend. Cuba’s best!

Comet - So White LUSH type with orange, apple, rose and bergamot blended with evergreen and musk

Comfort : Lavender, French Vanilla, Coconut Milk, Musk

Conundrum : Sweet and Fruity Chardonnay

Cottage Breezes - Seaside blend of ozone, salt water, sweet air, blonde woods. YC type

Cotton Candy (Pink) – Carnival favorite with slight strawberry notes

Cotton Candy Chardonnay : Fruity, white wine bouquet light on the alcohol notes, with spun sugar

Country Clothesline - Fresh cotton, powder, musk, spring flowers

Country Store - Bergamot, honey, tea leaves, currants, vanilla, musk and cedarwood

Cran Apple Mango Tango – Tart cranberry, Gain Apple Mango Tango

Cran Orange Spice: Orange, Cranberry, Holiday Spice

Cranberry Lime: Zing of tart cranberries with fresh lime zest

Cranberry Soda: Tart, fresh cranberries and fizzy soda

Crisp Linen : Clean Laundry, Lemon, Lime, Neroli, Light Florals, Blonde Woods, subtle Musk

Cruel Summer : Creamy marshmallow, caramelized sugar and hints of chocolate

Crunch Berries Cereal – Just like your favorite Saturday morning cereal

Cucumber Sea Salt – Crisp clean cucumber with briney notes

Cucumber Water : Watery cucumber scent. Starts out slowly, but will soon fill your home with a cool, refreshing background scent.

Cupcake- Vanilla cupcakes

Cupcakes at Tiffany’s: Buttery Toffee, Chocolate, Buttercream, and Vanilla Cake

Cupid: Cherry Icee just like the frozen drinks you remember

Dancer: Lemonade Ginger Ale

Dasher: Sweet Cuban Tobacco and Garden Rose become something greater than the sum of their parts

Daytona - YC Pink Sands type. Citrus, sweet floral, spicy vanilla

Deck Chair - Coconut, teak, tonka bean, light florals, amber, vanilla musk

Detox - Fresh fennel, Bergamot, sweet sassafras, anise, white clove, vanilla spice

Ditzy Blonde – Blonde Moment blended with Fizzy Pop

Doctor Pepper – Spicy Orange, cherry, toasted almond, clove, cinnamon. 

Donder: Like a tropical rain forest, this scent blends the ozone notes of fresh rain with notes of clean, green Bamboo

Donut Shop - Like walking into your favorite donut shop. Glazed, Jelly, Cinnamon Sugar- all of the classics are there.

Downy Blue - Fern, rose, jasmine, lilac, amber, musk, sandalwood

Downy Blue Type: Fern, Rose, Jasmine, Lilac, Orange, Amber, Musk

Downy Clean Breeze Type: Peach, Watermelon, Neroli, Jasmine, Aquatic Notes, Musk

Downy Rose & Violet Type: Fresh fabric softener scent with light, calming floral notes

Downy Rose & Violet: Lightly floral fabric softener

Dr. Peppermint Type: (Lush Type) Peppermint, Spearmint

Dreamsicle- Orange and cream combine to bring back the scent of your favorite childhood popsicle

Driftwood : Sun Bleached Wood, Tobacco, Black Tea, Pepper, Musk

Duchess: Exotic herbal lavender with delicate laundry notes

Dusk : Amber, Geranium, Lily of the Valley, Musk, Wood

Earl Grey Tea – Traditional tea leaves with bergamot zest and herbal notes

Easter Egg : Sweet, Juicy Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Fizzy Pop

Easy Rider : So Sexy! Lavender, Bergamot, and hints of sexy leather blend with musky sandalwood in a truly masculine scent for lovers of Ezra by Abercrombie & Fitch

Eden - Black Label : Red Fruits, Fig, Black Currant, Vanilla, Stone Fruit

Effervescence - Straight fizz

Elixir - White Tea, Citrus, Aloe

Ellen - Meyer Lemon, Ginger, Persian Lime, a hint of effervescence

Elsa – Warm vanilla, menthol, eucalyptus, spearmint

Espresso – True dark roasted ground coffee scent

Exotic Lavender: A very clean, herbal Lavender. Also known as Tasmanian Lavender in blends like Duchess

Fairy Sheets : This Hayden Rowe original is a sweet laundry fragrance blending our own Frost Fairy with the scent of clean cotton sheets to make a sweet and playful aroma. Notes of bubble gum, pear, cotton candy and vanilla come clean with the addition of a laundry influence with citrus, white flowers, green stems, warm woods and neroli.

Faubourg Saint Honore - Black Label-  Vetiver, Oak, Cedar, Amber, Citrus, Pink Pepper

Fifty Shades - Black Peppercorn, Leather, Wood, Patchouli, Musk, Citrus

Fig Rhubarb – Fig with notes of strawberry, melon and berries balanced with the tart notes of Rhubarb and hints of Vanilla

Fizzy Pop : The very essence of an effervescent drink. You can even smell the bubbles!

Flannel Sheets – Citrus, floral laundry blend

Flat White : Espresso, Steamed Whole Milk

Florida Georgia Line: Intriguing blend of Florida Orange Blossom and Georgia Pine

Fluffy Towels - The scent of fluffy, clean towels straight from the dryer

Flying Circus : Monty Python fans will love the playfulness of this blend of Strawberry, Bergamot, Musk, Sugar Cane and Tonka Bean. Fun and flirty without being too serious

Footie Pajamas : Sweet Lavender, Blueberry and Lemon Laundry. Imagine your favorite kiddo munching on cereal as they watch Saturday morning cartoons.

Forbidden City - Black Label -

Forty Winks - Cool mint, sugarcane, vanilla orchid, coconut milk, musk

Four Cruel Summers: Frosted Sugar Cookies, Marshmallow, Caramelized Sugar, Chocolate bits

Four Pumpkins: Frosted Sugar Cookies, Spiced Pumpkin

Four Vixens: Frosted Sugar Cookies, Van. Sponge Cake, Whipped Marshmallow Filling

Fraser Fir : Cypress, Lemon Peel, Evergreen, Fir, Cedarwood, Amber, Musk

French Baguette Type: (BBW Type) Warm baking bread, Butter, Crust

French Lavender: Refined, pure French Lavender blend

French Linen - French Lavender, amber, clean linen

French Vanilla Oak : Creamy Vanilla, Amber, Oak Moss, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk

Fresh Air : Sunshine, Citrus, Fresh Rain, Musk, Florals, Blonde Woods

Fresh Cut Grass : Fresh, Green, springtime scent of mowed lawns

Fresh Lemon: Meyer Lemon, Yuzu, Mandarin, Lychee, Neroli, Caramel

Fresh Picked Strawberries: Sweet red berries freshly picked and warm from the sun

Fresh Sparkling Snow – Icy pear, frozen melon, frosted musk. BBW Type

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice: Orange Juice with hints of orange zest

Frost Fairy- Notes of bubble gum, pear, cotton candy and vanilla.  LUSH Snow Fairy dupe

Fruit Loops: Just like your favorite Fruity Cereal

Fruit Slices : Candied Citrus scent like the jellied fruit slices from your childhood

Fruity Fizz: Blending Lime Cotton Candy, Juicy Watermelon and our own Fizzy Pop, Fruity Fizz is a long time favorite. Summer perfection!

Fruity Pebbles: Sugary, Fruity Cereal

Full Out - Formerly known as Black and Blue.  All the berries of summer.

Funnel Cake - Your favorite fair food! Fried dough, cinnamon sugar and pure nostalgia

Gabi Butler - Delicate coconut, rich sandalwood, creamy shea butter. The essence of beach

Gain Apple Mango Tango- Tropical blend of sweet floral and exotic fruits infused with a woodsy, musky base

Gain Lavender Pine: Our own herbal lavender and pine blend with Gain laundry

Galactic - Similar to Supernova by LUSH this scent features green notes, musk, ozone and mild patchouli

Ginger Ale – Crisp and bubbly ginger ale soda

Gingerbread Man – Sweet iced gingerbread cookie

Gingersnap Cookie – Bright ginger scented cookies

Girl Code - Pink Chiffon, Black currants, Red Berries, Apple, Light Florals

Girls Night Out - Coconut, Margarita and Pink Sugar

Glazed Cinnabun- Warm cinnamon buns drizzled with sugary vanilla icing

Glazed Donut – Sweet warm donuts with a sugary glaze

Golden Sands Type: (Yankee Candle Type) Apple, Black Coconut, Cassis, Jasmine, Gardenia, Orange Blossom, Sandalwood, Tonka, Driftwood

Goodnight Sweetheart - Lavender, marshmallow, pink chiffon, clean laundry

Graham Crackers: Cookie dough, orange zest, cinnamon, brown sugar

Grape Blow Pop : The grape lollipop scent you remember

Grape Ginger Ale – Grape juice and Ginger Ale

Grape Soda- Bubbly sweet grape flavored drink

Grape Sweet Tart : Tart grape candy

Grapefruit Fresh : White grapefruit, Citrus, Florals, Bamboo, Musk. A green fresh scent.

Grass Stain - Clean cotton and fresh cut grass

Greek Island Breeze: Clean Citrus notes with soft ozone and watery undertones

Green Apple : Crisp Granny Smith Apple and Peel

Green Apple Sweet Tart : Tart green apple candy scent

Green Apple Vixen: Green Apple, Vanilla Sponge Cake with whipped filling

Green Clover & Aloe - Clean clover, Green aloe

Green Irish – Creed Green Irish tweed dupe. Manly cologne scent

Guava Fig- Fig scent with fruity sweet guava, apple and pear

Gummy Bears : Like your favorite candy bears

Gummy Peaches - Just like the candy

Happy Type: (Clinique Type) Jasmine, Lily of the valley, Carnation, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Musk

Harry’s Sweater : Our Shorts & Sweater scent blended with our Butterbeer. Nutmeg, Pumpkin, Ginger, Warm Cotton, Citrus, Winter Apple, Violet, Wood, Musk

Hawaiian Shave Ice: Tangy tropical fruits and sweet syrup

Hawaiian Shaved Ice : Tangy tropical fruits and sweet syrup

Hayden - Tropical fruits, Amber, Light florals, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk

Hazelnut Coffee – Strong, rich coffee with light roasted hazelnut notes

Hedonic Tonic : Energizing Herbal Tonic with Sage and Light Garden Mint. Fresh!

Hello Four: Frosted Sugar Cookies, Hello Sugar (Sugarcane, Lemon Zest, Shortbread)

Hello Sugar : Sweet sugar cane with notes of lemon rind and shortbread

Herbal Lavender: Our own, herbal Lavender bend

Himalayan Pink Salt - Sheer cucumber, Lavender, Balsam, Musk, Salty Ocean Breeze

Holiday Linen – Clean laundry hung on the line, bayberries, apple, pine, thyme

Holiday Pear – Juicy Pear, Cranberry, Lychee, red berries, honey

Home For The Holidays – Spicy scent with note of bay, citrus, pine and amber

Honey Clementine - Orange peel, sweet clementine and honey. Yankee Candle type

Honey Cornbread : Cornmeal, Sugar, Butter, Buttermilk, Honey

Honey I Washed the Kids Type: (Lush Type) Honey, Toffee, Caramel

Horchata - Creamy, sweet rice drink with mild bakery cinnamon notes

Hot Cocoa: Creamy hot cocoa with fluffy marshmallows

Hot Date: Tobacco Bay Leaf Type- Bay Leaf, Fir Needle, Cedar, Bergamot, Tobacco

Hot Pink Lime : Juicy lime, citrus and berry scent

Hot Tamale- Spicy Cinnamon candy just like the penny candy version.

Ice Capades : Lemon, peppermint, spearmint and buttercream

Iced Pineapple : Fresh cut pineapple, mild ozone

Island Fresh Gain Type: Ozone, Greenery, Lavender, Rose, Vanilla, Jasmine, Melon, Fresh Air

Italian Biscotti – Crisp, twice baked almond cookies 

Jamaica Me Crazy – Coconut, Pineapple, Rum, Tangerine, Banana and Melon sweetness of the tropics

James Dean - House blend of sweet caramel tobacco with our own Men’s Club leather and mahogany scent. Sweet and sexy!

Jamming Rock Candy : Ripe red berries, tangy citrus, vanilla and a hint of mint

Janis Joplin : Smooth and sweet like the lady herself, this Vanilla Patchouli blend is at once sweet, earthy and clean. Uplifting, intoxicating yet also relaxing - No dirty hippy smell here!

Jerry - Fizzy Pop, tart limes and pink berries 

Jersey Shore : Almond Macaroon, Cannoli, Cotton Candy, Sugar Cookie, Toasted Marshmallow, Twinkies

Jessie's Girl - Vanilla Orchid, exotic fruits, coconut milk and musk 

Juicy Fruit: Fruity fun just like the gum you remember

Juicy Watermelon - Fresh fruity scent of Watermelon

Kashmir Type: (Archipelago Type) Orange Blossom, Sandalwood, Kashmir Vanilla

Kennedy Compound - Bergamot, Lavender, Citrus, Sandalwood, Cedarwood

Key Lime Pie: Zesty Key Lime juice with vanilla and a crispy Graham Cracker base.

King of Hearts: Bergamot, black tea, citrus and freshly pressed laundry

King’s Cross - Peony, currant, rose, citrus, vetiver and sandalwood

Kitchen Towel – Clean lemon laundry with fresh green mint from the garden

Kokomo : A summer favorite! This beachy blend features coconut, tropical fruits and flowers, sandalwood and musk.

Kumquat : Sweet, unusual citrus

L'Orangerie - Black Label - Oranges, Grapefruit, Orange Flowers, Bitter Orange and Patchouli

L’Orangerie - Oranges, grapefruit, orange flowers, bitter orange and patchouli come together in this very sophisticated blend

La’Darius - Drakkar Noir type masculine blend of lavender, spice, citrus, warm cedarwood

Lanai – Notes of sweet pineapple, lush tropical greenery and exotic flora.

Late Summer - Ripe Red Berries, Currant, Blackberry, Rhubarb, Vanilla

Laundromat - Laundry, citrus, fresh air, light florals, cotton blossoms

Lavender Elixir: Sweet Lavender with White Tea, Aloe and Honey

Lavender Fabuloso : Florals and Soft Lavender

Lavender Fabuloso Type: Florals and soft Lavender

Lavender Field - Lavender with hints of Rosemary and Sage

Lavender Fizz – Sweet lavender lifted with bubbly effervescence

Lavender Lime: Lightly Herbal Lavender with our own Tangy Lime

Lavender Mac Apple – Sweet lavender blended with juicy Macintosh apples

Lavender Marshmallow - Delicious blend of sweet lavender and marshmallow

Lavender Marshmallow Type: Sweet, creamy marshmallow with sweet lavender.

Lavender Pine: Crisp, herbal Lavender, Balsam, Cedarwood

Lavender Pop - Fizz and Sweet Lavender

Lavender Sage: French Lavender with sweet, green Herbs

Lavender Soda - Sweet Lavender and our Fizzy Pop

Lavender Sugar : Sweet lavender blended with Pink Sugar

Lavender Tranquility: Clean Lavender with our sweet powder Tranquility scent

Lavender Vanilla Type: (Yankee Candle Type) Lavender, Vanilla Bean, Orange Zest, Patchouli

Leather and Lace - Well worn Leather, Vanilla and musk

Led Zeppelin : Soon to become a classic just like the band popular during the summer of 1969! With notes of ripe cherries, sugared citrus and spun sugar everyone loves this classic blend.

Lemon : Fresh bright lemon

Lemon Basil - Fresh iced lemons with garden basil

Lemon Cheesecake: Fresh lemon, creamy cheesecake, graham cracker crust, cream, lemon zest

Lemon Curd – Fresh bright lemon with vanilla, sugar and cream

Lemon Ice : Fresh iced lemons

Lemon Icebox Cookies : The perfect balance of lemony Bakery and bright Citrus

Lemon Lavender : Bright lemon with herbal lavender. Yankee Candle dupe

Lemon Meringue : Lemon Curd, Toasted Marshmallow, Sweet Marshmallow

Lemon Mint: Fresh iced lemons with green garden mint

Lemon Peppercorn : Fresh, Bright Lemon, Peppercorns, Juniper Berries, Clary Sage, Citrus, Ylang Ylang, Clove

Lemon Pound Cake: Rich lemony bakery scent

Lemon Tranquility - Our own Tranquility scent featuring notes of baby powder, light florals and mild musk is made even better with the addition of the perfect lemon scent

Lemonade : Lemon, Lemon Peel, hints of Orange and Pineapple

Lemonade Suckers : Brightly colored lollipops blended with sweet lemonade

Lemonwood - Lemon, Lemon Leaves, Warm Woods

Let it Go -Warm vanilla, eucalyptus, spearmint and extra menthol. (Elsa + extra Menthol)

Let Them Eat Cake Type : (Tokyo Milk Type) Sugar cane, Coconut milk, Vanilla orchid, White musk

Lexi - Ozone, sea salt, cactus. Clean and fresh

Lifeguard: A masculine cologne scent blending Aqua di Gio type with our earthy Sea Salt fragrance. Musk, Ozone, Light Florals, Bergamot, Neroli, Patchouli. Sexy!

Lime : Fresh and tangy citrusy lime

Lime Cherry Slush: Tangy and sweet frozen blend of ripe summer fruits.

Lime Cotton Candy : A Hayden Rowe House Blend of Tangy Lime and Sweet, Pink Cotton Candy

Lime Sage : Bright lime and citrus blended with herbal sage

Lime Sugar : Tart lime blended with pink sugar

Lord of Misrule Type: (Lush Type) Patchouli, Sandalwood, Citrus, Vetiver

Lotus Blossom : Fresh air, Sea salt, Aquatic florals, Green notes

Love Spell Clean Cotton – Love Spell blended with our own Clean Cotton

Love Spell: Citrus, Cherry Blossom, Hydrangea, Apple, Peach, Blonde Wood- A Hayden Rowe Favorite!

Luna – Nectar filled fruits and exotic florals blended with vanilla and honey

Luna Type: (Scentsy Type) Citrus, Floral, Berries, Sandalwood

Luxury Lavender: Upscale, clean lavender with bergamot, eucalyptus and citrus

Lychee Jellies – Sweet and fruity like your favorite Asian treat!

Macintosh - Crisp, Autumn Macintosh Apple

Macintosh Apple – Crisp autumn Macintosh apples

Macintosh Dreams: Macintosh Apples dipped in Marshmallow then coated with Caramel

Made in the Shade - Lemonade and Lemon Sugar

Magic Spell - Tart Cranberry blended with bright Fizzy Pop

Mahogany Teakwood Type: (BBW Type) Mahogany, Teakwood, Bergamot, Citron, Ylang ylang, Cinnamon

Maine Woods : Fresh balsam scent with hints of wood smoke. A HR house blend

Maine Woodsman: Balsam Pine, Luxurious Leather, Tobacco, Mahogany with a hint of Wood Smoke

Man of Steel – Floral, fruity, warm, smoky, earthy notes balanced with beachy clean notes

Mandarin Day Spa : HR's Spa Day blended with Mandarin Oranges, Tangerines and sweet berries.

Mango Sorbet – Frosty fusion of fresh mango and ripe tangerine

Mango Tangerine- Blend of fresh mango and ripe tangerine

Margarita : Lime, Lemon Zest, Fresh Greenery

Marie Antoinette : House blend of Tokyo Milk’s Let Them Eat Cake with our own Comfort scent

Marshmallow Lane : Vanilla Glazed Marshmallow blended with Cider Lane type

Mat Talk - This blend of Hot Pink Lime & Fizzy Pop is sweet, juicy, bubbly and energizing just like the best mat talk

Men’s Club – Well worn leather and mahogany with a touch of tobacco. A HR original

Midnight Cowboy : Coffee, Vanilla and Caramel. Rich and sexy!

Midway Treats – Caramel apples, funnel cakes and sweet candied apples

Mimosa Mandarin : Bubbly mimosa, Mandarin Orange, Tangerine, Vanilla

Mint Cocoa : Creamy hot cocoa with notes of vanilla and mint

Mint Latte : A house blend inspired by BBW White Mint Latte. Notes of peppermint, White Chocolate and Creamy vanilla.

Mint Mojito: Freshly muddled Garden Mint, Sugarcane, hints of Pineapple

Mmmm Bop! - Strawberry, Satsuma Orange, Bubble Gum

Molten Amber – Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk

Moon Landing : Bergamot, Lemon, Tarragon, Geranium, Rose, Vetiver and Cedarwood combine to create a unique and sophisticated masculine scent

More Than Four - Frosted Sugar Cookies

Morgan - Sweet and addictive. Pink lemon, citron, candied strawberry, candied lime zest, sugarcane, vanilla

Mount Washington: Citrus, Cedar, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Pine, Ozone, Moss.

Mrs. Vern: Kumquat, Pink Cotton Candy, Strawberry

Mulberry – Fruity, berry blend with cherries, apples, peaches, strawberry and tangerine 

Mulled Cider : Spicy orange, nutty chestnuts and clove with vanilla and caramel notes

My 80’s Barber : Mossy, herbal cologne and Barbershop 1920's

My 80’s Boyfriend - Mossy Herbal Cologne scent of the type popular in the 80’s

My 90’s Boyfriend: Cool Waters Cologne dupe

Nantucket : In summertime, Nantucket is the place to be. This blends notes of rose, lily and mandarin blended with ozone, amber and honey will have you thinking you’re standing outside one of the island’s iconic rose covered cottages!

Navarro - Earthy and rich sunbaked terrracotta, windswept tumbleweeds, cedar wood and patchouli

Neptune – Waves crashing on the shore, salty air and seashells

Newport Sails - Ozone, Cyclamen, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Musk

Newport Sails: Ozone, Cyclamen, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Musk.

Night Circus: Sweet, sultry and mysterious mixture of Caramel, Apple, Citrus, Berries, Warm Florals and Vanilla.

Nilla Wafer – Buttery vanilla cookies

Northern Lights - Fresh and soothing blend of Icelandic moss, exotic greens, resin, yucca, fresh linen and rich amber

Notting Hill - Black Label - Sophisticated cologne scent featuring Black Pepper, Citrus, spice, light florals, musk and mild patchouli

Notting Hill - Black pepper, citrus fruits, spices including cumin and ginger, jasmine, musk and a hint of patchouli

Nutmeg Ginger - Warm, mildly spicy scent of home. Like a bakery scent without the butter/flour elements

Nutmeg State: (Formerly Nutmeg Ginger) Spicy Nutmeg, Zingy Ginger, Mild Bakery Notes.

Oasis : Pear Agave, Vetiver, Grass, Clean Forest Moss. For clean lovers!

Ocean Water – Just like the Sonic drink, citrus soda and coconut

Olive Branch - Neroli, Lemon, Oak moss

Ooey Gooey: House blend of Marshmallows including Toasted Marshmallow, Marshmallow Fluff, HR’s Stay Puft and Campfire Marshmallow

Orange Blossom: Orange, Clementine Flower, Orange Blossom, Water lily, Vetiver

Orange Chiffon Cake: Buttery vanilla cake with orange meringue and orange zest

Orange Juice – Freshly squeezed OJ

Orange Juice Cake – Buttery pound cake, Orange zest, vanilla, coconut, caramel

Orchid Rain : Fresh floral with notes of orchid, peony, water lily, aloe and bamboo

Palm Beach: Kaffir Lime, Strawberry, Citrus, Raspberry and Tropical Fruits. Juicy!

Palo Santo : Sweet but very mild sage, vanilla, mint, citrus and cedar calming scent closely related to frankincense. BBW/White Barn Candle type.

Paradise Reef - Nectarine, Tropical Flowers, Fresh Air, Salt Water

Peace Corps - Exotic wood, dry air, clean linen, musk, patchouli, smoke

Pecan Pie: Southern pecans, sweet syrup, buttery crust

Peeps : Marshmallow, Vanilla and Buttercream

Penuche Fudge: Creamy and Buttery Fudge with Vanilla and Brown Sugar

Peppermint Comfort : Customer suggested blend of our own Comfort scent with refreshing peppermint. Mint, Lavender and fresh Coconut milk.

Peppermint Marshmallow: Returning Favorite! Sweet, minty Candy Canes blended with fluffy marshmallows

Petal Cake : House blend for lovers of Pink Petal Tea Cake. Sweet Vanilla cake, frosting, rosewater

Picnic In The Park : Sweet airy blend of mango, coconut and strawberry

Pina Colada : Back by popular request! Pineapple and coconut just like your favorite frozen drink. Creamy and delicious.

Pineapple Candy – Sweet pineapple and tropical fruit candy

Pineapple Whip: Icy, Creamy Pineapple frozen dessert.

Pinecone Lime Type: (Yankee Candle) Lemon, Lime, Holly green notes, Pine

Pink Chiffon – Exotic fruits, vanilla orchid, vanilla and musk

Pink Chiffon Type: (BBW Type) Exotic fruits, Vanilla Orchid, Sweet Vanilla, Whipped Chiffon Musk

Pink Clouds: Pink Sugar with White Clouds. A clean, laundry blend.

Pink Flamingo : When we think pink, we think berries and that’s just what you’ll get from this blend. Juicy notes of orange blend with sweet strawberry, ripe raspberry and a hint of juicy cherries. Undertones of vanilla and clear musk ground this blend and keep it from being too fruity.

Pink Fresh and Clean – Crisp apple, citrus, lily, amber and musk

Pink Grapefruit : Tangy sweet grapefruit

Pink Mimosa Type: (Votivo Type) Strawberry, Mimosa, Sandalwood, Gardenia, Vanilla Rum, Mandarin, Berries

Pink Sands Type: Citrus, Coconut, Jasmine, Fresh Air, Sweet Florals, Vanilla

Pink Stiletto – Cotton Candy cocktail with sugar crystals and berries

Pink Sugar : A sweet blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and berry jam with musk

Pink Sugar Type: (Aquolina Type) Cotton Candy, Lemon Drops, Caramel, Raspberry Jam, Musk

Pink Velvet : House blend of Pink Sugar and our own Velvet scent. Soft, feminine and sweet

Pink Velvet Breeze - Pink sugar, citrus, ozone, warm florals, water, stone fruits

Pistachio Pudding Cake: Pistachio Nuts, Almond, Honey, Creamy Vanilla Custard.

Place Vendome - Three carefully crafted layers allow this scent to evolve from bright green to a spicy floral and finally a woodsy finish. For lovers of the famous Hotel Costes signature scent

Plumeria Type: (BBW Type) Exotic sweet florals

Poached Pears : Ripe Pear, Brandy, Lemon, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Vanilla

Pomegranate Noir Type: (Jo Malone Type) Dark patchouli, Golden Amber, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Plum, Pink Peppercorn, Spicy woods

Porch Swing: Clean, Sweet Air with our Shorts and Sweater fragrance

Prancer: Peppermint Stick Ice Cream

Pressed Linen : Lemon laundry scent. A Hayden Rowe original

Private Jet - Leather, amber, mahogany, with a hint of tobacco

Provence: Sunny, herbal blend of Lavender, Rosemary and Sage. Like a field in Provence

PS2 – Palo Santo/Purple Sandalwood Palo Santo wood, Sandalwood, Violets, Amber, White Musk

Pumpkin Caramels: Creamy caramels lightly blended with Pumpkin for a sweet, mellow aroma

Pumpkin Cheesecake – Creamy cheesecake blended with sweet pumpkin

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles: Warm Pumpkin waffles topped with Pecans and Vanilla Sugar

Pumpkin Pie : Pumpkin, Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla, Caramelized Sugar

Pumpkin Spice Latte - Milk, Butter, Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and a hint of Coffee

Pumpkin Zucchini Bread – Creamy, savory zucchini bread blended with pumpkin puree

Purple Rain - Sweet Lavender Lemonade

QE2 : Just like the iconic cruise ship which was launched in 1969, this blend of Apricot, Pineapple, Lemon Zest and hints of Lavender is sophisticated, sexy and first class all the way!

Radiant Red Maple : Ripe Pear, Vanilla, Toasted Maple

Rainbow Fairy - Rainbow Sherbet blended with Frost Fairy Lime, Pineapple, Bubble Gum. Orange, Pear, Raspberry, Cotton Candy, Vanilla

Rainbow Sherbet - Fresh lime, pineapple, orange, raspberry, creamy vanilla

Rainbow Zotz: Sweet Rainbow Sherbet with an effervescent kick

Rainbows & Lollipops - Sweet, Fruity Candy and Lollipops

Raisin Bread: Freshly baked Raisin Bread, Butter, Vanilla, Bakery Cinnamon

Raspberry – Juicy red berries

Raspberry Cupcake – Juicy red berries and vanilla cupcakes

Raspberry Four: Frosted Sugar Cookies, Sweet Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Gummies – Sweet gummy raspberry nonpariels

Raspberry Jam – Jammy red berries

Raspberry Lemonade – Ice cold lemonade with sweet juicy raspberries

Raspberry Twinkies – Airy vanilla sponge cake with heavy cream and jammy raspberries

Raspberry Vixen: Raspberry Jam, Lemon Curd, Vanilla Sponge Cake with whipped filling

Red Currant: Tart Red Currant, Citrus, Rose, Geranium, Musk

Red Hots Candy – Cinnamon, cinnamon, cinnamon candy

Red Roses – Fresh lush and true to life red garden rose scent

Red Velvet Cake : Devil’s food cake, rich vanilla, Creamy Icing, Sugar Crystals

Refresh-Mint : Aveda Rosemary Mint Type, Barbershop 1920’s

Relaxation : Powder, Rose, Lavender, light Vanilla, Musk

Ribbon Candy: Spicy sweet candy goodness with spicy cinnamon like your grandma’s favorite treat

Ring Pop – Watermelon and blue raspberry candy scent

Rio : Summer here means winter there but their winters are warmer than some of our summers! This juicy blend features red fruits including raspberry, strawberry, cranberry and apples enhanced with light florals, exotic woods and white musk. Yum!

Rock Candy – Berries, cherries, citrus with hard rock candy and a hint of mint

Rocket Pop : Lemon lime, blue raspberry and a pop of cherry like the tri-color popsicle

Rocket Pop Fizz – Rocket Pop blended with effervescence

Rocket Pop: Lemon Lime, Blue Raspberry and bright Candy Cherry just like the red, white and blue frozen pops

Rocky Mountains : Imagine the clean, crisp air of Colorado. Breathe deeply and this fresh laundry blend of fern, green clover, jasmine, lavender, rich woods, sweet vanilla will take you there! Similar to our own Fresh Air blend.

Roman Holiday - Green Tea, Citrus, Aloe, Rosemary, Lemon Zest

Room Service - Clean lemony laundry with beach air

Root Beer Float – Herbal root beer with creamy vanilla ice cream

Rose Colored Glasses : Black Currant, Red Berries, Apple, Rose, Jasmine

Rose Jam Type: (Lush Type) Citrus, Turkish rose, Geranium, Lemon

Rosemary Grapefruit –Votivo dupe

Rosemary Mint – Herb and mint blend.  Heavier on the mint

Rosemary Mint Lemonade - Herbaceous rosemary and mint blended with sweet and playful lemonade.

Rosemary Mint Type– Votivo type more herbal

Rosewater Lemonade : Lemon Juice, Lemon Zest, Strawberry, Raspberry, Iced Rose Petals

Rudolph: Strawberry Margarita blend

Salt Water Taffy : Strawberry, raspberry, banana, cherry, sugar, vanilla taffy

Salted Caramel – Caramelized sugar, sea salt and smooth vanilla caramel

Salty Sea Air – Ozone, ocean breeze, sea spray and seaweed. Beachy

Salty Sweet - Soft baked pretzel, yeast, salt, Vanilla, Fudge

Sambuca: Just like the liqueur, with notes of Anise, Black Licorice and Vanilla

Sand in your Shorts : What’s a beach vacation without a little sand in your shorts? Tropical fruits including mango and papaya blended with coconut, and smooth vanilla. Amazing!

Sandalwood & Shea - Sandalwood, Shea Butter, Caramel, Amber, Vanilla

Sandalwood Peppercorn: Earthy masculine blend of Peppercorn, Clove, Juniper Berry, Sandalwood, Sage and Vanilla

Santa Suit: Vanilla, Coconut Milk, Heliotrope, Sugar, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean

Santa’s Cookies: Returning Favorite! Sweet Sugar Cookies with peppermint bits

Satin Sheets: Honey, Amber, Vanilla, and Tobacco. Sexy!

Satisfaction - Coffee liqueur, cream, sugar and ice cream scoop bread

Satsuma Orange – Body Shop dupe featuring mandarin slices, bergamot and exotic fruits

Satsuma Shorts & Sweater: Returning Favorite! Our Shorts & Sweater scent with juicy Satsuma Orange

Satsuma Type : (Body Shop Type) Orange, Mandarin, Mango, Peach, Lime, Jasmine, Neroli

Scent of Snow - Minty fresh, slightly metallic scent like the air before it snows

Sea Island Cotton Type: (BBW Type) Cotton, Ozone, Musk, Amber

Sea Salt : Salt with notes of sea air, light florals and musk

Sea Salt & Yuzu - Satsuma, grapefruit, yuzu, sea salt, stone fruit, water lotus and aloe

Seaside : Ocean air featuring subtle orange blossom and lemon notes with a hint of musk

Seaside Barber - Barbershop 1920’s blended with Salty Sea Air

Secret Wonderland Type: (BBW Type) Strawberry, Frosted Jasmine petals, Amber, Sandalwood

Serene Waters : Cool Wild Mint, Juicy Lime, Ocean Florals, Palm Trees and Sea Musk

Serenity : Mandarin, Fresh Melon, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Green Tea

Sex Bomb – LUSH type with coconut, lily, lavender, jasmine, musk and woods

Sex on the Beach : Cranberry, Guava, Vodka, Peach, Cherry, Pineapple, Berry

Shangri-La - Citrus, Cedar, Pine, Light Florals, Gain laundry type

Shipwreck - Driftwood, Ozone, Sea Salt, Light Florals

Shirley Temple - Ginger ale, Maraschino cherry

Shorts & Sweater: Clean laundry scent with mild notes of citrus, florals, blonde wood and musk

Silk Sari - Delicate notes of sandalwood, rose and powder

Sinus Blaster – Camphor, eucalyptus, menthol and mint.  Strong!

Skittles: Citrus and sugary goodness just like the candy

Smell of Weather Turning Type: (Lush Type) Nettle, Oak, Hay, Beeswax, Mint, Chamomile, Oakmoss, Cinnamon

Snickerdoodle: Sugar, cinnamon, caramel and sweet buttery cookie goodness

Snow Cake - Marzipan, Rose, Cassia, Almond

Snow Fairy Type: (Lush Type) Bubble gum, Pear, Cotton Candy, Vanilla

So White - LUSH dupe 

Soft Coeur Type: (Lush Type) White Musk with notes of Toffee and Honey

Soft Pretzel: Soft baked pretzel, yeast, salt

Solar Power - Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Honey, Summer Fruit, Light Florals, Vanilla

Sorrento - Black Label -

Sour Patch Kids - A little sweet, a little sour. Citrus, Pineapple, Berry, Vanilla

Sour Patch Kids : A little sweet, a little sour. Citrus, Pineapple, Berry, Vanilla

South Beach : Tropical! Ripe melon, raw sugarcane, blooming lilies and an ocean breeze. This one is not to be missed!

South of France - Clementine, orange blossom, pear, pineapple, coconut milk, tonka bean, sandalwood, musk

Spa Day - Bergamot, white tea, cedarwood and a hint of vanilla. Sophisticated and relaxing

Sparkling Mimosa – Mandarin orange, tangerine, pineapple, berries and delicious fizz

Spearmint – Minty fresh candy aroma

SPF 30 - Sunscreen with light coconut notes

Spindrift – Cool sea spray blown by an autumn wind. Ozonic and acquatic

Spring Green : Lemon zest, floral notes of violet and jasmine and melon. Fresh and green

Squeaky Clean : Soapy clean with notes of sea air, citrus, ozone, light florals, amber, moss and sandalwood

Stainless Steel : Clean, masculine scent of citrus, ozonic notes, moss, tonka, light florals

Starburst: Some say it’s like the pink, others say the red but either way this candy blend of Berries, Guava, Pomegranate and Vanilla will remind you of your favorite Starbust.

Stay Puft – Fluffy white marshmallows

Staycation: Strawberry, Raspberry, Guava, Effervescent Fizz

Straight Fizz : Pure effervescence

Strawberry – Juicy fresh strawberries with hints of peach and vanilla

Strawberry Cotton Candy : Pink Cotton Candy with Sweet Strawberries

Strawberry Passion – Ripe strawberries with notes of candy and vanilla

Strawberry Peeps : Marshmallow Peeps with sweet candy strawberry

Strawberry Pop Tart- Sweet strawberry jam in a flaky pastry crust

Strawberry Raspberry Guava –  Fruity perfection.  Juicy sweet berries

Strawberry Sky - Our own Vanilla Sky (Creamy Vanilla, Dry Woods, Amber, Vanilla Bean Noel) blended with Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Taffy : Strawberry Candy scent

Strawberry Twinkies – Airy vanilla sponge cake with heavy cream and strawberries

Strawberry White Cake – Airy white cake mixed with summer ripe strawberries

Strawberry Zotz: Sweet Strawberry Candy with an effervescent kick

Stress Less – Powdery aquatic fragrance with notes of peony, jasmine, orchid and musk 

Suede - Sensual perfume scent with floral, fruity, warm, smoky and earthy notes

Sugar Cookie – Sweet buttery cookie goodness

Sugar Cookie Dough: Rich, sweet, buttery, creamy vanilla sugar cookie dough

Sugar Plum: Sweet sugary candy. Cherry, Strawberry, Peach, Vanilla blend with Golden Plum and Sugared Musk

Sugar Rush : Vanilla, Strawberry, Cherry and sweet Sugar Crystals

Sultana – LUSH dupe

Summer Breeze: Clean Laundry scent similar to Gain. Citrus Blossom, White Jasmine and Woodsy Amber

Summer of ‘69 : This complex fragrance is sure to become a favorite. Orange, Patchouli, Jasmine, Geranium, Neroli, Petitgrain, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Musk and hints of Pine. Inspired by the LUSH Karma scent, this blend fuses, slightly stronger orange top notes with slightly less Patchouli than the original.

Sun Dried Laundry: Freshly washed laundry in a springtime breeze. Reminds of Febreeze Linen and Sky

Sunset Bonfire - Smoky Wood Fire, Marshmallow, Light Beach Florals

Sunshine State: Tangy Grapefruit, Rhubarb, Garden Mint, Light Florals, Apple, Vanilla, Musk

Sweater Weather Type: BBW earthy, clean favorite with Juniper Berry, Eucalyptus, sage and a hint of sweet Spearmint oil

Sweater Weather: Juniper Berry, Eucalyptus, Sage, hint of woods

Sweet Amber - Powder, amber, spun sugar, musk, vanilla

Sweet Bakery Dough – Buttery cream, powdered and caramelized sugars

Sweet Caroline - Roasted Marshmallow, Burnt Sugar, Cocoa, Vanilla, Campfire Smoke

Sweet Grapefruit : Ripe, tangy grapefruit with exotic mangosteen

Sweet Grass - Bergamot, green apple, florals, clear musk

Sweet Lavender: Lavender with hints of Orange, Lemon, Bergamot, Mint

Sweet Orange Chili Pepper – Bursting with Orange and Mandarin but rounded out with the warm aroma of chili pepper.

Sweet Smell of Victory : Triple berry scent featuring red and blue raspberries and strawberry

Sweet Tea – Freshly brewed sweet tea with juicy lemon

Sweetness & Light - Lemon rind, tart citrus, sugared cranberries, sugarcane, vanilla

Taffeta - Jasmine, poppy, yuzu zest blended with florals and musk. Similar to White Velvet Bow.

Tahitian Spa: Lemongrass, Bergamot, White Tea and Cedarwood

Taj Mahal - Black Label : Lemon, Bergamot, Jasmine, Neroli, Lily of the Valley, Cedar, Sandalwood, Musk

Taj Mahal - Lemon, bergamot, jasmine, neroli, lily of the valley, cedar, sandalwood and musk

Tangerine – Freshly squeezed tangerine scent

Tangerine Gelato - Tangerine, cream, lemon zest, vanilla, white woods

Tasmanian Lavender: Clean and tangy herbal lavender

Tea and Cakes Type: (Lush Type)

The Barber's Blind Date - Barbershop 1920's and Hayden Rowe Pink Velvet

The Beatles : Just like the Beatles in their prime during the Summer of ‘69, this Fresh Picked Strawberry blend is perfect and very worth the wait!

The Comforter – LUSH dupe

The Great Pumpkin – The Ultimate Pumpkin Scent

The Night Circus: Sultry and mysterious mixture of our Velvet and Carnival with notes of Caramel, Apple, Citrus, Berries, Warm Florals and Vanilla.

The North End: Cannoli Shell, Vanilla Cream, Cannoli Cream, Coconut, Cocoa.

The Tide is High - Barbershop 1920's, Tide detergent, ozone and amber

The Who : Who are you? That’s what people will ‘really wanna know’ upon smelling this amazing blend in your home. Sun Dried Linen, Citron, Cyclamen, Ivy, Rose, Tonka, Vanilla Flower, Warm Amber and a hint of Patchouli bring sexy and clean together in a whole new way!

Thin Mints – Chocolate with creamy mint like the cookies

Tis the Season - Golden apples, pine needles, holiday cider, cinnamon. Slatkin type

Toasted Coconut – Rich toasted coconut scent

Toasted Hazelnut – Nutty roasted hazelnut

Toasted Marshmallow: Sweet toasted marshmallows

Toasted Pumpkin Spice : Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, Buttercream, Pumpkin

Tobacco – Sweet tobacco scent. Manly

Tonka & Oud - Powder, amaretto, tonka, balsam, rum, musk, oud wood

Tonka Bean : Velvety Amber, Tobacco and Sweet Vanilla

Tranquility (Reformulated): Light florals, amber, musk and now more sweet powder.

Tranquility: Light Florals, Amber, Musk and now more sweet powder than our original version!

Treat Yo Self - Baby powder, red fruits, light florals, musk, coconut milk, sugar

Tropical Punch : Sweet Fruit Punch like you remember from childhood

Tropical Wedding: Coconut, Mango, Peach, Tangerine with White Wedding Cake

Turquoise Sky - Beach air, sea grass, musk, citrus, ocean florals. YC Type

Twinkies: Airy sponge cake loaded with heavy cream

Twisted Mermaid : Sugary sweet berries blended with citrus and vanilla like a tropical drink

Twisted Peppermint Type: (BBW Type) Peppermint, Vanilla, Sugary Musk

Vacation Fling - Citrus, black pepper, clove, leather and musk cologne

Vanilla – Creamy vanilla scent

Vanilla Bean Noel Type: (BBW Type) Vanilla bean, Caramel, soothing cream

Vanilla Chai – Warm vanilla, caramel and chai spices

Vanilla Clouds : Customer suggested House blend of our own Vanilla Sky with White Clouds. Smooth laundry scent that will appeal to lovers of Christmas Clouds

Vanilla Cupcake : Rich Vanilla Sponge cake

Vanilla Lace - Vanilla, Orchid, Musk- Victoria's Secret type

Vanilla Lace Type: Vanilla, Orchid, Musk

Vanilla Lavender Type: Fresh Lavender, Vanilla Beans, Orange Zests, Patchouli

Vanilla Mint – Fresh peppermint, vanilla and a hint of cognac.

Vanilla Mint Cake - Fluffy yellow cake blended with gentle vanilla min

Vanilla Sandalwood – Vanilla Sandalwood type

Vanilla Sands : Hayden Rowe house blend of Pink Sands and Vanilla Sky. Citrus, Florals, Spicy Vanilla, Sweet Vanilla, Musk

Vanilla Sky : Creamy Vanilla, Dry Woods, Amber, Vanilla Bean Noel

Vanilla Suede: Vanilla, White Orchid, Suede

Vanilla Tobacco : A Hayden Rowe House Blend! Tobacco, Warm Vanilla, mild hints of Pipe Smoke

Vanillary - Warm Vanilla, sweet Jasmine, sexy Tonka Bean. LUSH Type

Vegas, Baby : If Paris is the city of light, then Vegas is the city of Smoke and Mirrors. This earthy blend plays on that mysterious aspect of Vegas. With notes of smoke, barnwood, musk and patchouli this masculine blend is so unique!

Velvet : Fruit and warm florals including raspberry, peach with vanilla and amber

Vermont - Evergreens, Autumn leaves, Sequioa woods, late summer florals

Vermont Honey Apple Type: (BBW Type) Sweet apple, Pear, Nectarine, Honey butter, Vanilla sugar, Coconut milk, Musk

Versailles : House blend of Blue Sugar and Let Them Eat Cake. Caramelized sugar, cedar, tonka bean, sugarcane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid, white musk

Vineyard – Merlot, Cabernet and Zinfandel grapes straight from the field. Not a candy grape. YC Type

Violet : Sophisticated, Clean Floral scent

Violet Lime - Violet with crisp, clean lime. Super strong.

Violet Sugar Cookies: Sugar Cookies and Violet Candy

Viva La Juicy Type: (Juicy Couture Type) Wild berries, Mandarin, Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Vixen: Fluffy Vanilla sponge cake with sweet and creamy whipped marshmallow filling

Volcano - Tropical fruits, sugared citrus, violet leaf, sweet Japanese quince, cassis, pomelo

Volcano Type : (Capri Blue Type) Citrus, Violet leaf, Japanese quince, Cassis, Pomelo, Driftwood, Mountain greens

Waffle Cone – Vanilla, butter and sugar baked into your favorite ice cream cone.

Wassail : Warm blend of oranges, lemons, apple spice and cranberries

Waterfalls - Herbal cedar, citrus and woods. Fresh!

Watermelon Jolly Rancher : Candy watermelon with a slightly sour edge

Watermelon Margarita – Juicy watermelon sweetens a classic lime margarita

Watermelon Mint: Juicy Summer Watermelon with Garden Mint

Watermelon Zotz: Sweet Watermelon with an effervescent kick

Weekend Nap - Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Geranium, Muget, Rose, Amber, Vanilla and Musk

Whiskey – Potent alcohol notes with rich oak and smoked peat

White Birch – Sophisticated pine scent with notes of tonka, cypress and eucalyptus

White Clouds - Clean laundry scent

White Linen - Clean and crisp laundry type

White Mountain Inn: Amber, Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood

White Sage : White sage, Sea Salt, Citrus, Florals, Driftwood, Cedar, Musk

White Sage & Lavender - Lavender, Camphor, Chamomile, Sage, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Cedar

White Tea & Berries - Red berries, white tea, jasmine, cedar, ginger, vanilla

White Tea & Ginger : White Tea, Citrus, Ginger, Earl Grey Tea, Woods, Musk, Berries 

Whole Wheat Bread – Fresh baked whole wheat bread with a chewy crust

Wild Air - Fresh air, ocean breeze, mint, eucalyptus, fern, dune grass, musk, cedar

Wildberry – Fruity blend of sour cherry, fresh blueberry and sweet red raspberries

Wildberry Parfait – Wildberry with whipped cream

Winter Lodge : Rich Vanilla, Coconut Milk, Heliotrope, Crisp Linen, Sandalwood, Amber, Tonka Bean

Winter Nap : Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Geranium, Muget, Rose, Amber, Vanilla, Musk. Sensual and relaxing!

Wood Sage & Sea Salt - Himalayan sea salt, crushed sage and oud wood

Woodland - Amber and Moss reminiscent of a walk in the woods 

Woodstock : Rich, deep and mysterious. Blending fresh Rain and earthy Patchouli with mild floral notes of cyclamen, ozone, moss and citrus we couldn’t think of a better blend to represent the most iconic event of the Summer of ‘69: Woodstock

Woolen Mittens - Our own Shorts & Sweater scent mixed with the freshness of a winter’s day

You Snap The Whip – LUSH type

Yuletide Flame: A hardwood fire blended with just the right amount of Christmas Spice

Zen Garden - Citrus, Cedar, Pine, Light Florals

Zucchini Bread : Freshly baked Zucchini Bread with hints of cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg