Gleaning Box
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Gleaning Box

Regular price $1.50

Arriving December 1st!  Before ordering please read this ENTIRE description.  
This has been a tough couple of years for us all but these Gleaning Boxes are meant for those in our community who have been hardest hit. For only $10 including postage (1.50 + 8.50 shipping) we will send you one 7x7x6 square priority box full of wax- approximately 45-60oz as packed.  One per customer! Please be respectful of our members who are truly in bad straights- these are NOT meant as mystery boxes for our regular customers.  Nobody will be checking but we will be pretty disappointed if these are taken out of the hands of those they are intended for.  Should you br purchasing for a friend in need, please make sure the box is sent directly to them to avoid any confusion. 
Boxes are pre-assembled and thus we can not honor scent requests. Sorry! 

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